Tuesday, October 17, 2006


On October 30, 2007, the members of our community will finally have a chance to express their opinions on what should be done with their homes.

That's right, matters have finally been taken out of the hands of the self-appointed community spokespeople, DEP lackeys, paid consultants, and others who claim to represent the neighborhood. On October 30th, at 7pm at the Keefe Center, the proponents of the three main plans for the neighborhood will have to make their case to the community...and the COMMUNITY WILL HAVE A CHANCE TO VOTE.

The Three Plans currently in the running are:

1. The DEP Plan:
In the spirit of fair competition, we wanted to make sure that the DEP had a second chance to make their case for saddling 137 homes in the neighborhood with Land Use Restrictions.

2. The Abdul Hamid Plan:
This plan proposes to remove all fill from the neighborhood regardless of how contaminated it is...including all of the structures on top of that fill. This would mean the demolition of the old middle school, many years of excavation, and the destruction of over 100 homes.

3. The Community Plan:
This plan, outlined previously on this site, proposes to remove all contaminated material from the site. Our neighborhood would be cleaned to the EPA's lead standards and to the point where the cancer risk was more remote than the risk of being killed by lightning.

It's your home, and it's your choice. Decide for yourself...

And stand up and be counted. Come to the Keefe Center at 11 Pine St. in Hamden at 7pm on October 30. If you go to only one meeting this year, let it be this one.